Tow Truck Diver/Operator

Job Description

Tow Truck Driver/Operator - 24/7 Business

1x Full-Time and 1x Part-Time opportunity available;

40 hours per week + occasional call outs

Part-Time night driver also required

Occasional weekend work required - alternate with other staff

We are looking for a  Full-Time Tow Truck Driver/Operator for the Canterbury Region and a Part-Time night driver. Class 2, V endorsement and Log Book required - please do not apply if you do not have these requirements

Job Description;

The duties of a Tow Truck Driver consist of communicating with a dispatcher/checking the calendar, driving to the scene of an accident or breakdown, connecting the vehicle to a tow truck, transporting the vehicle to a repair shop or our yard and assisting the customers with delivery of the vehicle. The drive will be responsible for attaching the disabled vehicle to the tow truck.

Core objectives include: • Attending Breakdowns and Accidents, Towing of Vehicles • Washing / Maintaining Trucks • Monthly Truck Checks (1st Monday of every month) The above list is not exhaustive and the role may change to meet the overall objectives of the company.


- Mechanically minded

- Physically fit

- Class 2 licence

- V endorsement

- Log Book

- No criminal history (excluding basic speeding fine's etc) as this will affect endorsements required

- Reliable and Honest

- Willing to go the extra mile/take initiative

Tow Truck Diver/Operator

Towman Towing Group Limited

Job type:

Full Time, Part Time

Hours of work:

Hours are variable


Christchurch City