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To oversee the service of food and beverages to all guests in a restaurant, hotel or other eating place. Supervise payment of guest bills, check reservations and greet all guests on arrival. Ensure the efficient management of the front of house and maintain food, service and health and safety standards to the establishment’s standards.

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES • In conjunction with the Restaurant Manager, lead front of house staff - impart knowledge, skills and training to all front of house staff to ensure high standards. • Identify, develop and maintain establishment policies and procedures. • Receive and confirm reservations and ensure staff adherence to customer reservation procedures. • Ensure the restaurant is correctly set up and clean before the operation opens for customers. • Ensure the restaurant is correctly cleaned and re-set, as required, at the end of the day. • Meet and greet customers and inform on food and beverage options. • Liaise with kitchen staff to find out about specials and menu changes. • Supervise and coordinate activities of front of house staff during a shift. • Set procedures to ensure a high standard of customer service and customer satisfaction (in conjunction with the Restaurant Manager) • Have extensive knowledge of local and international beverage trends. • Assist to plan establishment beverage lists. • Set policies and maintain standards for health & safety at work in all restaurant service areas (in conjunction with the Restaurant Manager) • Ensure all equipment and work environments in the restaurant service areas are operational. • Order and maintain (non-food) inventory to ensure efficient operations, when required. • Meet with suppliers. • Ensure compliance with cash management procedures. • Ensure compliance with restaurant security procedures. • Ensure compliance with the establishment’s host responsibility practices and adherence to sale and supply of alcohol regulations. • Ensure customer enquiry and complaints procedures are maintained and ensure all enquiries and complaints are handled promptly and efficiently. • Inspect restrooms for cleanliness and availability of supplies and clean restrooms when necessary. • Uphold morale in the restaurant. • Ensure relationship between front of house and kitchen staff is of a high standard. • Any other duties the employer or Restaurant Manager may reasonably require.


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Full Time

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