Cook - Indian Food, Sweets, Snacks, Chaat

Job Description

As Cook - Indian Vegetarian Food / Sweets/Snacks/Chaat -

You will be able to :

• Prepare & Cook Indian food, Sweets, Snacks, Chaat according to customer order and as required by Manager.

• Cook food for events, when required.

• Arrange food on plates.

• Plan Menus in consultation with Manager.

• Periodically Evaluate popularity of menus to ensure profitability.

• Assist Supervisor / Head cook / Chef in the preparation of daily requisition.

• Control food quality & presentation as per required standards.

• Estimate food & labour costs.

• Ensure the correct storage of foods and that stock rotation procedure are maintained.

• Ensure to have wastage to minimum.

• Check all kitchen equipment’s in working conditions and inform any malfunctioning to Manager immediately.

• Ensure you have adequate operational knowledge of all kitchen equipment, you are using.

• Practice good housekeeping and personnel hygiene, health and safety and food hygiene.

• Adhere to all company policies and procedures.

• To work with team to cook foods which need more than one person at a time and behave in professional manner at all times.

• Ensure all equipment’s, utensils, work areas, fridges are kept clean at all time.

• Ensure all food prepared is covered and stored properly.

• Ensure all accidents, fire, loss, theft and damages are reported to manager / supervisor immediately.

• Ensure all equipment’s are safe to use. If you feel it’s not safe to work on any equipment, report immediately to Manager/ Supervisor and stop using equipment

• Maintain proper stock levels of all ingredients.

• Ensure kitchen compliance with health & Safety regulations.

Cook - Indian Food, Sweets, Snacks, Chaat

Shivani Foods Ltd

Job type:

Full Time

Hours of work:



Manukau City


$20.00 - $150.00+ per hour