Telecommunication technician

Job Description


We are looking for Telecommunication technician with at least 2 years work experience. 

Competent Must have all the current competencies. 

Key Responsibilities:

Fibre maintenance Installing Aerial and underground cables

Use of technical equipment Ability to read telecommunication and VoIP Network a Framing diagrams, plans and terminologies

Capable of using hand and power tools Digging and re-instating

Modem/router/Wi-Fi installation and configuration


-Setting up the LAN for customers, including configuring customer's equipment to the specifications.

-Sets up a network connection on a host computer/laptop by logging the default network settings, such as IP addressing, proxy, network name and ID/password, to enable tele. and VoIP network connection and communication.

-Physically install Fibre optic, Category 6e Structured Cable Distribution Systems.

-Performs site surveys. Assesses and documents current site network configuration and user requirements

-Prepares engineering plans for UFB(Ultra-Fast Broadband) Network design and site installation technical design packages.

-Provides coordination in the design, analysis, and installation process.

-Programming ONT(Optical Network Terminal).

-Installing and Configuring Modem/Router.

-Installation of outlets, pulling cable and per-termination including organizing, forming, dressing and labeling cables to industry standards. 

-Cabling multi story building through existing routes. 

-Installs, maintains/repairs, and tests residential/small business telecommunication service (POTS and DSL). 

-Connects wires and cables to terminals, and attaches/detaches various kinds of hardware to wires, cables and buildings.

 -Mounting, Installation of BUDI, FTP, ONT and connecting to FAT, Cabinet. 

-Terminate, assemble and install 8-pin modular connectors and coaxial connectors in existing or new network system. 

-Accurately test fibre (multi mode and single mode) cable to required certification parameters utilizing appropriate test equipment as required

 -Diagnose and correct optical fibre problems

 -Identify causes of hardware malfunctions and organised repairs or replacements needed 

-Respond to inquiries from clients and help them resolve hardware problems

 -Responsible for follow up with internal technicians once incidents are resolved to ensure resolution and positive impact on customer satisfaction.

 -Assist in developing and maintaining a problem resolution knowledge base. 

-Ensure all open incidents are current and updated, and that all parties are aware of the incident status.

 -Determine closet and equipment layouts and install closet hardware including backboards, connecting blocks, racks, patch panels and fiber enclosures. 

-Fibre optic cabling and Fusion splicing in commercial and domestic properties.

 -Maintains/repairs and tests Fibre optic and Data cable in an underground, aerial, or buried environment. 

-Troubleshoots problems that will require cable repair, cable maintenance, air pressure, splicing, fault finding, etc. 

-Makes splicing rearrangements on existing facilities in buried, underground, aerial and building work locations. 

-Advise clients of proper steps to be taken to fix minor problems with equipment digging and reinstatement.  

-Analyzes and troubleshoots basic technical problems or issues. 

-Escalate more complex calls to the relevant technical staff or service companies 

-Attend training and safety meetings. Work safely at all times utilizing the necessary Personal Protection Equipment. Demonstrate safe working practices to other technicians

 -Serve as a liaison between office and field, communicating all information that is not classified as confidential

 -Perform administrative tasks including, documenting test results and as- builds, completing safety reports and customer consent form etc.

 It will be a great advantage if you are able to also have the following capabilities:

 -A current Traffic Control or STMS qualification

 - Heights certification

 -A current first aid certificate 

- Chorus WTC certificates 

Requirements:- Physically fit and enthusiastic about learning new technical skills. 

Technical Qualifications on Electrical/Telecommunication Will be required

Be comfortable interacting with a wide variety of team members, subcontractors and the general public.

Excellent customer service skills

No Criminal record.

Be comfortable working at heights and in confined spaces

Ability to travel when required and be willing to work a Flexible work schedule including weekend and evenings a team member and independently

Have high energy levels and great enthusiasm

In return we offer:

- An outstanding opportunity with diverse and challenging work

- You will be competitively remunerated

- A commitment to health & safety.

Applicants for this position should have NZ residency, Citizenship or a valid NZ work visa.

Telecommunication technician

Fix rite contractors limited

Job type:

Full Time

Hours of work:



Manukau City