Duty Manager

Job Description

Duty Manager Job Description General FOH duties, plus:

Must hold a current Manager’s Certificate. (WINZ could help you obtain this)

Let us know when this is expiring at least 6 weeks in advance, as applications for renewal must be made a minimum of at least 20 working days before expiry. Be responsible for the compliance with and enforcement of the: • provisions of the Sale and Supply of Alcohol Act 2012 • conditions of the license • conduct on the premises, with the aim of “ensuring the safe and responsible sale and supply of alcohol and minimising alcohol-related harm” 

Help create a safe drinking environment through following Host Responsibility by

 • preventing intoxication

•not serving alcohol to minors • 

providing and actively promoting low-alcohol and non-alcoholic alternatives • 

providing and actively promoting substantial (delicious) food • serving alcohol responsibly or not at all • 

arranging safe transport options Use your amazing-ness to help create clear and effective communication team-wide. 

General shift management & team direction – lead by example. 

Be available for open and closing shifts. Update service signage as required. Events may require additional signage throughout the venue, eg Argo deck water station, replacing dated/faded Responsible Host signage, updating blackboard etc. Be responsible for Housekeeping for events and large bookings; making sure our guests are aware of our Host Responsibilty policy, where the exits are, and smoking areas etc. 

Record any notable events in the DM Log with time, date and your name. Report any inappropriate events to the FOH Manager, or Upper Management if he/she is unavailable. Notify authorities if necessary and record in DM Log. 

Taking on extra duties such as as stock control, event planning, rostering support & online marketing to support the FOH Manager as needed. Taking on extra duties such as cash management & daily reporting. Meet regularly with upper management to stay up-to-date with organisational changes, issues and improvements. Love the space like we do!

Duty Manager

ARGO Beach Co-working Ltd

Job type:

Full Time, Permanent

Hours of work:

Hours are variable


Christchurch City